AUGUST 09, 2019


August 09, 2019 – Friday “Quick Hit”

At Allied this week, we have been proactively engaging with reporters, physicians, clinical researchers and patients in order to educate them on the effectiveness of using cannabis to help with health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Our CEO, Calum Hughes, just worked with a reporter at the Vancouver Sun this past week, providing Allied’s research, data points and case studies to back up this point.
Adam Smith, Green Beret veteran and our advisor at Allied, also connected with a U.S.-based retail trade reporter at Convenience Store News to discuss the rise in cannabis-based and infused products in the States and why, as Adam said, “CBD products are hitting the market place like wildfire right now.” As consumers are increasingly interested in the purported health and wellness benefits associated with cannabis-based products, retailers in the States are having to fill their shelves with CBD and hemp-infused products in order to keep up with the hype and demand.
“The public has been searching for something that is clean, effective and affordable in order to help with daily ailments like pain, anxiety, etc. There’s been a huge push throughout the U.S. to create a better informed customer base, and consumers are looking for more natural, organic methods of healing,” said Adam. “At Allied Corp, we’re dedicated to bringing products to the market that will dispel the stigma for Veterans and first responders from using CBD in order to help them with the ailments that their work can bring about.”
We hope that by engaging in these crucial conversations with reporters we will drive more awareness to issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, and to alternative treatments like cannabis that help alleviate the associated symptoms.