JULY 19, 2019


August 1st Newsletter

Adam Smith, Green Beret Veteran and VP of Allied, recently completed an epic 110 mile walk across Indiana to raise awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder. Along the way, he engaged with reporters from news outlets including Daily Journal, NBC, CBS and FOX, discussing the purpose of the walk and the dire issues most veterans face while, and after, transitioning into the civilian world.
At Allied, we hope to raise awareness to medical issues, like post-traumatic stress, and provide those suffering with the help that they need. At the end of the day, we are in the business of helping people, and are very proud of Adam for climbing up to the challenge and for always going above and beyond to do his part!

Executive Spotlight

Meet the CFO – Malcolm Davidson
From: Port Moody
Interests: Competitive cross country and road biking as well as cross country and downhill skiing
Malcolm is one of the newest members of our family, officially joining the Allied team with full force on August 1st, following a bike tour of France!
Coming from a long background as a Chartered Professional Accountant bolstering over 16 years of experience, Malcolm was most recently the CFO for multiple international public mining and exploration companies. Now, trading in gold, silver and copper for cannabinoid, Malcolm is thrilled to take Allied public and to the next level!
“There’s a lot of excitement and growth in the cannabis industry as a whole,” said Malcolm. “I’m very eager to get started in this new industry, and it helps that I get to work with a team that is so passionate about their products and position in the marketplace.”
 We’re excited to see what Malcolm brings to Allied in the near future and can’t wait to continue working together. Our mission, as always, is to produce low-cost, high-margin medical cannabis and Malcolm is bringing his financial experience to our team in order to help grow our passion into an even larger reality.

July 26, 2019

Following the U.S. Senate’s historic hearing on easing cannabis banking restrictions, stocks were trading as much as 2% higher. Reforming cannabis laws is still widely an uphill battle in the U.S., but many people are thinking that the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act could pass, being that it’s focused entirely on banking.
We whole heartedly support the bill. There’s a mental health crisis among U.S. veterans, with 20 veteran suicides daily, and more active duty veterans in the U.S. succumb to suicide than death by combat. As a company that is using cannabinoid solutions to promote the reduction of symptoms in patients suffering from medical issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, we feel that we should have the same chance to operate financially in the U.S. as any other business.
CEO Calum Hughes is poised to speak with a cannabis reporter from Rolling Stone on the work that Allied is doing to help our veterans, first responders and more who are suffering from medical issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. We hope to consistently spread awareness to issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, and raise awareness to the alternative solutions and treatments that we offer those who are suffering.

August 2, 2019

It seems cannabis may be finding its way across the pond after all!
Three British politicians just made a trip to Canada to check out the cannabis scene in order to learn from our legalization process and sample products. MP for North Norfolk, Sir Norman Lamb, sampled a cannabis oil to try to help him sleep and was incredibly pleased with the results – so much so that he apparently slept through breakfast.
This is all in the hopes of eventually legalizing cannabis in the UK – some supporters argue that this could happen in five years, while others think it will happen in 10-15 years. We fully support our friends across the pond and hope that they can soon follow our lead in the legalization process.
In the UK, about 42,000 women a year are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following childbirth, and rates of PTSD are rising among the UK armed forces. Our goal at Allied is to help those suffering with medical issues through our low-cost high-margin medical
cannabis treatments and solutions. Our goal and mission, as always, is to help everyone around the globe with our products as regions continue to ease up on their cannabis laws.