MAY 31, 2019



Check out the following article for High Times by Allied Team Member Adam Smith:

“Scores of people use cannabis to treat their mental health conditions, whether using a state-approved ID or by self-medicating on the illicit market. A lack of conclusive data remains due to federal restrictions, limiting understanding the plant’s true efficacy. People in need aren’t waiting for that day to come. Instead, they are going off anecdotal evidence and the available scientific data to justify their self-medicated treatment plans.

We’ve come to find out that many of these cannabis-based regimens have alleviated symptoms in several health conditions. However, in some, cannabis could prove to be either ineffective and even detrimental to the person’s well-being.

For this series, I spoke with medical professionals and those suffering from mental health conditions to better understand how cannabis plays a part in people’s treatment. While this won’t provide the conclusive data the market needs, it will hopefully shine a more focused light on how cannabis affects people and their conditions.

In this edition, I explore Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.”

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