Our operation in Kelowna, BC, Canada, is based on growing craft cannabis in an environment that is more controlled and directed than a typical growing operation. The self-contained, modular units involved can be brought into full operation within 60 to 90 days, enabling us to scale as large as needed to meet demand.

Allied currently has two 1.2-acre lots in Kelowna, BC, Canada, that are industrial zoned and pre-approved for the production of medical cannabis.

Our buildings are manufactured as modular buildings so that we can scale very quickly.

Under our current land mass we can have 16 micro licenses all producing high-end premium craft cannabis.

Within this controlled environment, we can custom breed certain cannabis strains to have the unique cannabinoid and terpene profile that is best suited to address today’s health issues with precision and efficacy.

In addition to the the Standard Licensed production facility, we can scale up to over 50,000 square feet with the two levels.

Both licenses are at the confirmation of readiness stage of Health Canada’s application process.

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