DECEMBER 04, 2019



“University Of Haifa Green-lights PTSD And Cannabis Pre-Clinical Study”

Written by Javier Hasse

Published by: Benzinga

Allied Corp ALID announced this week that it has reached a final agreement with the University of Haifa, in Israel, to develop a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in the laboratory of Professor Irit Akirav.

Following the approval by the Ministry of Health, the company will be ready to start conducting Pre-Clinical Phase 1 work, mangement said.

With access to Carmel-Haifa’s facilities and all that they has to offer, Allied Corp will begin work in the hopes of finding a treatment for those suffering from PTSD and other related symptoms. Developing craft cannabinoid health products that support sufferers is of immense value in today’s world, and now Allied has the opportunity to bring an academically validated pharmaceutical product to those who need it most, the company explained.

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“We’re very fortunate that research is on our side – targeted cannabinoid products can provide invaluable support to PTSD sufferers while also playing a central role in structured long-term support and recovery programs overseen by medical professionals where and when legalized,” David Weinkauf, chief development officer in charge of R&D and pharma activities for Allied Corp, told Benzinga.

“Access to a world-class research center that provides us with cutting-edge tools, technology, and resources, will be vital for the success of the research completion and, ultimately, global commercialization. With the continued accumulation of research knowledge across the industry, more people can find help in this area with superior product offerings.”

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