Allied delivers a variety of cannabis formulations for health and wellness applications. Depression, Anxiety and PTSD are Allied’s priority. With extensive expertise in medical discovery and research, cannabis cultivation and processing, proprietary products and natural health product distribution, we are fully integrated across the value chain.

Expected Milestones


  • Production 1-10 Hectares in Colombia & US foot print
  • Distribution of Natural Health products
  • Pharma clinincal trials
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Expected Milestones


  • Cultivation scaled
  • Pharma products brought through clinical trials
  • Natural health products sales & distribution scaled

Allied Corp. is dedicated to helping people. As a research and development company, our focus is on creating and providing targeted cannabinoid health solutions for today’s medical issues. One of our top R&D priorities is developing products for General Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.

Why Allied?

We are unique in our ‘full scope’ approach to cannabinoid product development. The global cannabis market is expected to grow from $11bn to $56bn by 2025. South America is positioned to become the new global supply source as global demand will outstrip supply. Allied is ready.

We also have a purposeful strategy to be in line for US legalization. While we grow each of Allied’s business segment to realize revenue, Allied will continue to expand upon emerging scientific discoveries in new markets.

Low Cost, High Quality, High Margin

Low cost of production – $0.09-0.15 per gram of dry flower vs average of $1.52/ gram in Canada. Low-cost, high-margin model.

Ability To Scale

One thing that our production site is not is land constrained. We have the ability to custom produce a cannabinoid profile to customer specifications and international pharmacopeia standards.

Experienced Management Team

Decades of production and extraction expertise. Strong regional and agricultural specialists in each country. Experienced business support team active in market support and production execution.

Our Story

Our mission is to help people around the world by creating and providing targeted cannabinoid health solutions using pharmaceutical R&D, innovative plant-based production, and unique development of therapeutic products.



Our operations span from a large production center in South America to R&D of targeted cannabinoid health solutions in Canada for today’s medical issues. Our end-to-end business model enables Allied to bring unique products to market.


Investor Information

Allied Charitable Activities

Our charitable based activities support many organizations around the globe. In-person healing retreats, supportive athletic events and connection to a peer-community provide on-going support for veterans, police, fire, and emergency health first-responders.


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