Allied Board

Allied’s Board of Directors represents decades of combined experience, education and commitment to scalable, responsible business development and growth. Together they guide the company in the best interests of all its shareholders and stakeholders.

Jim Smeeding

Director, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Research

Calum has over 15 years in the medical field, including Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Rehabilitation. He worked as a Director of a 140-bed Acute Care Hospital and as an Adjunct Professor for the University of British Columbia in the areas of Health Economics, Health Evaluation, and Canadian Health Systems.

Calum has also been a QA Healthcare Consultant on large projects within the health sector for government organizations as well as the pharmaceutical industry. His clinical experience includes functioning as a health care provider for patients with chronic diseases, acute disability, and workplace health and wellness.

Calum is currently working towards his doctorate with Royal Roads University.

Mr. Paul Bullock
Director, Chief Operating Officer

  • One of British Columbia’s oldest entrepreneurial farming families, which possesses a rich history in both agricultural innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • 10 years of experience in Canadian cannabis cultivation, genetics, compliance and facility design.
  • Owned and operated an agricultural management firm which renovated and replanted over 2,500 acres of orchard and vineyard in the Okanagan Valley.
  • Development and collection of over 200 proprietary strains of cannabis targeted at specific diseases.

David Weinkauf
Director, Chief Development Officer

David Weinkauf is a strategic businessman with an extensive background in commercial real estate leasing, development and sales. Throughout his career, David has been involved in approximately $3.0 Billion in real estate development and transactions encompassing over 10 million square feet of facilities and approximately 3,000 acres of land.

David has been involved in numerous private and public entities focused on identifying unique opportunities, investment, strategic development and growth of those companies. David currently owns startups: Regal Health and Next Level Brands and is a Director of publicly traded Jessy Ventures Corp. He has been a strategic advisor to numerous private companies, civic, economic, academic, philanthropic and government institutions.

In addition to real estate, David has founded start-ups in disruptive technologies, is the inventor of a composition under provisional patent application in the US, and volunteers his time to note worthy causes, including as co-founder of the RSSI Global Initiative for removing sex slave and forced tattoos from formerly oppressed people.

David holds a B.Comm. from the University of Calgary, is recognized among Calgary’s Top 40 under 40 alumni, and was nominated for Canada’s top 40 under 40.

Anthony Zelen
Director, Chief Communications and Investor Relations Officer

Anthony Zelen has over 22 years of experience in finance, investor relations, start-ups and corporate development. He has served as a director and officer for a number of public companies listed both in the United States and Canada in roles relating to investor relations, public relations, financing and strategic marketing for companies in the technology, mining and oil and gas sectors.

Anthony founded BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group, Inc. and presently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Diitalk Communications, Inc., Director of Hollister Biosciences Inc., and Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Paloma Resources, Inc., and Director and CFO of Jessy Ventures Corp. Anthony is also on the board of Fitch Street Capital Corp., QMC Quantum Minerals Corp., and BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group, Inc.

His business activities within the venture capital arena enabled him to establish a network of accredited investors, angel investors, and investment banking contacts throughout North America, Western Europe, and Asia.

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