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Our mission is to help people around the world by creating and providing targeted health solutions. We use a scientific approach to make this mission possible, through cutting-edge pharmaceutical R&D, innovative plant-based production and unique development of therapeutic products.

Allied was founded on a vision to bring natural health and pharmaceutical products to market to help veterans, police, fire and ambulance people who have given of their lives to serve. The products in this catalog represent something larger than the products themselves. We are making a difference in people’s lives. Allied consists of a team of professionals from all walks of life. We have doctors, scientists, agricultural specialists, former police, fire, paramedics, US and Canadian military and a multitude of other amazing people who are all dedicated to creating products that support our mission

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Our Brands


Partnership w/ PharmaHemp (Europe) and Laurel Crest (US) to provide superior CBD extract products for Allied’s immediate distribution into the US, European and Asian markets.


We intend to distribute Allied’s CBD-based cosmetics and natural health products into China, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia.

USA – Tactical ReliefTM

TACTICAL RELIEF™ is manufactured and sold by Savage Consulting, under sub-license from Tactical Relief LLC, an affiliate of Allied. As a test market, the first 500 product units have landed on shelves in the United States. Allied is also actively pursuing product distribution internationally to increase revenue potential.

The TACTICAL RELIEF™ products are intended to be used by veterans suffering from symptoms related to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), one of Allied’s top market segment priorities. Allied is dedicated to promoting a holistic approach for healing that reinforces a specialized model of care. The model’s main goal is to assist in preventing suicides among veterans and first responders who are suffering from PTSD or other disorders related to mental health. The flagship product “Liberty” is a hemp derived CBD tincture for sale in the US. Additional products include Tactical Hydration, a CBD infused electrolyte replacement drink and many other products currently in development.



CBD for Veterans, Tactical Relief

“I’ve been dealing with heavy anxiety and stress which has been affecting my mood and sleep. Since trying Tactical Relief a week ago I am already sleeping better, the anxiety is much more manageable and my mood has increased as a result. I highly recommend Tactical Relief”

Anonymous U.S Law Enforcement Officer

Specifically targeting PTSD

“We take pride at Allied knowing that we are developing products for veterans, by veterans, and we are humbled to be providing support to those who have sacrificed so much,” said Calum Hughes, CEO of Allied Corp. “We’re dedicated to helping those suffering to find natural, alternative health solutions to relieve symptoms caused by trauma. We’re confident that TACTICAL RELIEF™ will give veterans access to a wider variety of health solutions through multiple targeted products.”

Made by Veterans, For Veterans

“TACTICAL RELIEF™ is more than a product line – it’s a patriotic brand with a powerful message,” said Adam Smith, a Green Beret veteran and US Representative of Allied Corp. “Through this line, we hope to change the ways in which those suffering from PTSD choose to accept life and commonly attempt to medicate away their symptoms. A major part of our mission is to dispel the stigma around CBD products for all service members and first responders both during and after their active service.”


Equilibrium Bio™ is a lifestyle brand that is focused on everything Athletic. From Crossfit workouts to Ironman races, Equilibrium Bio products are there with the athlete along the entire competitive journey. Rehydration is a primary focus for this brand and its products.

MaXXa Brand

Allied is pleased to announce that it will be expanding its natural health products into the cannabidiol (“CBD”) cosmetic market in Asia, under the brand known as MaXXa. Allied plans to distribute CBD-based cosmetics and natural health products in China, Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

The first products will be under the product name that is the Mandarin symbol for “living life alive.”

By 2024, the CBD market in China alone is forecasted to be worth USD $15 billion, according to Hong Kong-based investment company Regent Pacific Group, citing the beauty and wellness sector as the main driver.

A First Mover In The Asian CBD Market

“I am beyond pleased to announce that Allied is in the process of becoming a first mover in the Asian CBD market. We feel that Allied’s natural health products have promising potential in this market, creating additional important revenue potential for Allied” said Calum Hughes, CEO of Allied Corp.

MaXXa is an aesthetically sleek brand that is focused on developing natural CBD infused cosmetics and beauty products. There is currently six unique products on the catalogue. These products are specifically targeted to the Asian Market.

Experienced Distribution

CBD Group Asia’s principals boast over ten years of experience specializing in the importation and customization of premium Canadian consumer packaged goods (CPGs) for the Chinese marketplace. CBD Group Asia’s management team has previously distributed premium Canadian CPGs into China’s largest retail chains and C-stores, including RT-Mart International Ltd and Carrefour SA. RT-Mart alone operates over 484 retail locations covering 233 cities and 29 provinces in China, generating $20 billion USD in sales in 2018.

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