Our Story

Our mission is to help people around the world by creating and providing targeted cannabinoid and psilocybin health solutions. We use a scientific approach to make this mission possible, through cutting-edge pharmaceutical R&D, innovative plant-based production and unique development of therapeutic products.

The Four Pillars Of The Allied Corp Model

Why We Formed Allied Corp.

We realized we were the right team with the right solution at the right time when three factors came together:

  1. Growing Market: more regions than ever are legalizing cannabis and psilocybin
  2. Emerging Solutions: research continues to find more and more targeted cannabis strains and psilocybin formulations are effective for helping people with mental health issues
  3. Passionate & Experienced Team: we all had firsthand experience or connections with people in need of the help we could provide

That’s why we founded Allied Corp., where our entire team is committed to research and development that’s designed to improve lives and help people experience greater health.

Who We Are

Our founder and CEO, Calum Hughes, spent over a decade in hospital and clinical settings, worked as a clinician, taught at the university level, and created software that enabled legal cannabis producers in Canada to manage quality assurance audits.

Along the way, he got to know what was working and what wasn’t when it comes to high-quality premium cannabis production.

Calum knew he needed to do something meaningful and helpful with all that experience and knowledge.

It’s a similar story with Jim Bullock, our Chief Operating Officer. Jim brings 10 years of experience to the Allied team from MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR cannabis cultivation, genetics, compliance and facility design.

He also brings a deep passion to help people struggling with mental health issues.

The same holds true for the rest of our team. We all share that passion while representing the very best across a diverse range of sectors: medicine, pharmaceuticals, cannabis R&D, Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), innovative production, product development, and sustainable business growth.

Creating Unique Solutions

As legalization unfolds, demand and supply increase, cannabis will become a commodity and prices will decline.

As a result, the model of simply growing cannabis will not be a long-term winning strategy.

At the same time, we are just starting to scratch the surface on the medical benefits of cannabis; this is where the true value of cannabis will not only last, but increase.

That’s why at Allied, we go far beyond growing cannabis and scientific discovery.

Instead, we strategically leverage an end-to-end business model that enables us to also rapidly identify where people most need help, isolate therapeutic strains to precisely address those unmet needs, and bring unique and effective products to market with the help of our genetic specialists and doctors.

Mental Health as a Top Priority

One of our top R&D priorities is currently on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or as it is now more commonly referred to, Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI). In addition to this, we focus on general depression and anxiety.

Developing cannabinoid and psilocybin health products that support PTSD sufferers is of immense value in today’s complex and often dangerous world.

Far from only affecting soldiers, PTSI sufferers include law officers, correctional service workers, firefighters, Coast Guards, and especially paramedics, among a long list of other groups.

Their stories are ones of unnecessary pain and despair that is all too frequently met by uncharitable or misinformed responses from society.

Fortunately, research shows that targeted cannabinoid products can provide invaluable support to PTSD sufferers while also playing a central role in structured long-term support and recovery programs overseen by medical professionals.

Additional R&D Priorities

At Allied, our work on developing precision cannabinoid health solutions extends far beyond PTSD. We have entered into athletic recovery and general mental wellness with psilocybin products.

Our R&D department is also currently identifying and initiating work on several other medical issues that have significant impact on individual sufferers and our society as a whole.

Allied assembles the team of experts – from molecular biologists to geneticists, doctors, medical professionals and science-based production specialists – to produce strains that target today’s health needs with precision and efficacy.

Leveraging & Expanding Industry Knowledge

The two most important factors directing our R&D efforts are genetics sourcing and production methodology.

Consistent with our focus on rapid and sustainable growth, we leverage the hard-earned knowledge and experience of experts that have already blazed a trail in this market space.

By engaging the best in the industry, we can shorten not only our R&D timelines but also time to market for new products.

And with the continued accumulation of research knowledge across the industry as a whole and within Allied’s internal team, more people can be helped in a timely manner with superior products.

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