Allied Charitable Activities

Our charitable foundations in Canada, the US, and Colombia support in-person healing retreats and connection to a peer-community to provide on-going care and support for veterans, police, fire and emergency health first-responders.


We consider it our responsibility and privilege to treat our industry and all the lives we impact with honesty, transparency, and respect. When we say our mission is to help people around the world by providing targeted cannabinoid health solutions, we’re 100% committed to holding ourselves to that intentionally high standard. In other words, Corporate Social Responsibility is built into our very DNA.

Creating Sustainable Healing Journeys For PTSD survivors

The Allied Charitable Foundations have been created in accordance with Allied’s overall mission to help promote healing for as many Veterans and first responders as possible. It is Allied’s vision to create a legacy that will perpetuate the opportunities for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress to embark on their own healing journey.

Allied has a dedicated team working with the Allied Foundations to ensure a broad range of holistic healing modalities are introduced to those in suffering. Through these Foundations, assistance may also be provided to those who truly need help but may not have all the means to achieve it. The powerful legacy created by the Allied Charitable Foundations will ensure that those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress will receive assistance for years and years to come

The Allied Foundation Model Of Care

It’s what makes the difference for those that need it. It’s about suicide prevention. Designed by veterans for veterans.

From intake, to connection with peers on the Allied online community, to the healing retreat, the Allied model of care is founded on behaviour change theory that builds on developing awareness, motivation, and practise of learning to heal from PTS through evidence-based, clinically supported therapeutic interventions.

A Holistic Model Of Care

Allied offers a holistic model of care that supports veterans from contact with the Foundation, to post-retreat integration of personal growth and learning. This makes the model not only unique, but comprehensive as it draws on theories of change, and emerging evidence and models of health-based community development to support sustainable healing and change before and after the healing retreat (Young, 2013).

The Allied Foundation conducts healing retreats that offer veterans an opportunity to connect in person as they develop and practice clinically sound self-regulating techniques, develop community connections, build resilience and reset the nervous system, learn to calm, and plan for their health and integration to sustain change (Hughes, 2019).

During the multi-day retreats, veterans learn and deepen tools for breathing, meditation, yoga and other mind-body understanding that build resilience. Through the healing retreat, community and social support networks are strengthened. The Allied Foundation is uniquely positioned to provide Canadian veterans with the opportunity to explore trauma-informed healing to individually, and in community identify, practice, reflect on and integrate sustainable healing from post-traumatic stress injury. 


You are not alone. We want to help.

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