Ready for US Legalization

Our new cultivation facility in was designed and constructed based upon current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. The building has rooms for custom breeding of novel genetics and cannabis flowering rooms, as well as a large scientific area that is dedicated to cannabinoid extraction and end product fulfillment. This is currently located in Nevada, USA with a purposeful vision to be ready for US legalization.

US Operations: End-product Processing

  • We focus on strain development and end-product processing in the US. Large scale production will occur in South America
  • Advantage for quality assurance and process control
  • Ability to be prepared for US legalization with source materials produced internationally
  • GMP design and procedures
  • 8,700 square foot building built in US

  • GMP design and procedures

  • Purpose built C1D1 approved room for ethanol and CO2 extraction

  • Cultivation rooms for novel genetics development

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