South America

Allied’s wholly owned subsidiary “MediColombias Cannabis S.A.S” is a licensed producer (LP) of cannabis for medical, research and industrial applications. MediColombias is leveraging the ideal conditions for grow operations in Colombia to support Allied’s R&D efforts.

Secure, Ideal & Scalable

Our farm in the heartland of Colombia represents a secure operation marked by good quality soil, pure and sustainable water sources, and established infrastructure.

Situated on the equator, our land is pristine, being both additive- and fertilizer-free.

And with 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of night year round, Colombia offers the most suitable environment to grow cannabis at scale, ensuring consistently high volume, excellent quality and efficient productivity.

Adjacent land, as well as an additional 24.7 acres (10 hectares), is also available to expand our R&D and growing operations.

Progress To Date

Allied has registered a seed bank in excess of 3,000 indigenous seeds including 22 different landrace varieties and 167 hybrids from around the world.

Under Colombian regulations, Allied has developed 50+ GMP cultivation, production and extraction Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) to produce cannabis and hemp oil.

We have also developed multiple approved research protocols, including:

  • Seedbank research to classify Colombian varieties and those from around the world
  • Genetic research to develop and register new Colombian varieties
  • Substrate research to understand how Colombian varieties grow best at scale
  • Biomass research to understand the biomass potentials of cannabis at scale in the tropics

Agreement With Vitalis Extraction

Allied plans to implement Vitalis Extraction Technology equipment in Colombia during Q3 of 2020. Vitalis’ TrueCyclonic separation technology and LiquidTec CO2 recovery system can process up to 150 lbs of biomass a day.

Regional Development

Our grow operations in Colombia are located within a 6-mile (10-km) radius of newly emerging infrastructure and economic development, including:

  • Regional airport within 10kms of the farm
  • Brand new free trade zone (the first in the region)
  • Country club, hotels and hospitals

Regional Advantages

Colombia also represents grow operation advantages in the form of:

  • More welcoming and pro-cannabis regulatory environment
  • Agricultural infrastructure that rivals that of the US and Canada
  • Lower management and operating costs

Allied Gives Back in Colombia

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